Updated Oct 14, 2019 with HD 650s.

K701 vs Q701

  • K701 feels muddier than the Q701. Less clarity in low bass
  • Q701 made the mix sound less boomy than I think it actually is
  • Q701 pulls the vocals out, brighter than K701
  • Q701 appears to have slightly higher impedance (sounds softer for same volume setting)

Kind of feel like I can’t trust either yet. Need to try another model.

DT 990 PRO (250 Ohms)

  • Bass not muddy! Definitely more powerful though, similar to what I remember in the car
  • Easier to identify areas that need to be balanced
  • This wins over both K701 and Q701
  • I kind of feel like these fatigue my ears slightly faster than the AKGs. The Q701s were easiest to listen to

HD 600s

  • Easier than the DT 990 PRO to identify where levels and EQ are not balanced!!
    • Endrum Mix_v2 - Transition at 2:46
    • In contrast, the DT 990 PRO smooths this out!
  • Want to keep this one 💙

HD 650s

  • Not a HUGE jump between this and the 600s
  • Feels nicer on my head than the 600s though
  • Doesn’t tire my ears as fast as the 600s — important for long mixing sessions

My friend described his HD 650 unboxing as:

When I first put them on, I was actually somewhat unimpressed. I thought to myself, “Wow is this it?” But then I compared it to my HD 280s (noticed a little difference), put the 650s back on, and the difference was immediately apparent. It was a huge relief actually. Everything just sounds so natural and how it’s supposed to sound. I think that’s why I was initially unimpressed. Everything just sounds like it’s supposed to sound. No extra coloration or anything.

It’s worth noting that Sonarworks has an HD 650 review and uses the 650s themselves but an HD 600 review isn’t present.

HD 650 definitely feels like the gold standard. 💙++

EQ Curves

Soundworks calibration curves for further insight.

k701 calibration curve q701 calibration curve dt990pro calibration curve hd 600 calibration curve