Use Export for stems. If Bypass Effect Plug-ins is unchecked, it will use effects.


There are tons of articles on this already, but I forgot the difference.

The use case is a Logic Pro X project with a bunch of tracks, and I want to export stems/submixes to Ableton so that we can perform them live.

Here is the cheatsheet:

  • Use Export > Tracks as Audio Files... ⌘E for an individual file/track
  • Use Export > All Tracks as Audio Files... ⇧⌘E for a single file for a whole group of tracks
  • Double check if any Volume Automation “mixing” is present in the track (press A to toggle the Automation view). Select Include Volume/Pan Automation if desired
  • Double check the Range settings and use Export Cycle Range Only if desired
  • Specify a custom prefix for stem filenames for good housekeeping